Frequently Asked Questions

Should my student retake the entire ACT or simply retest in a particular section?

If your student is already scoring a 36 in some sections of the ACT, he should obviously only retest in the sections he needs to improve.  For every other student, the situation can get a little trickier, but I would generally say that retaking the entire test is usually your best bet to improve your student’s composite score.  Yes, retesting one section at a time seems convenient so you can focus your approach to just studying one section at a time. However, if you are going to spend money and give up a Saturday morning to retest, in most situations I would recommend taking the entire test as your easiest option to improve your composite score.  The video below gives a couple of examples which explain the differences in how your subscores would have to improve to achieve a particular composite score by either retaking the entire test or section retesting.