“After just one science tutoring session with Mrs. Neely, I took the ACT again and raised my science score from a 24 to a 36! She gave such simple tips that were easy to understand and made a HUGE impact. With her help, I was able to raise my overall ACT score by 3 points! Thank you Mrs. Neely!”
-Julia, Class of 2023

“Before I had taken the ACT, I was almost clueless about what it consisted of. After my first overall ACT prep class with Mrs. Neely, I had a very good score that got me into all my desired colleges! I wanted to improve more, so the ACT math intensive was the perfect fit! The 2 week class helped me learn new tactics, dive deeper into advanced subjects, and ultimately it helped me execute the math section with ease!” -Claire, Class of 2022

“I cannot thank Mrs. Neely enough. Her course not only gave me confidence but raised my ACT Composite score by 5 points! The strategies and tools are made understandable- and not daunting. The course covers the broad material but is specified to you and strengthening not only your weaknesses but your strengths as well.” -Annebelle, Class of 2022

“Mrs. Neely’s teaching methods are very effective. In addition to familiarizing me with strategies, she reviewed rusty concepts and taught new ones in a clear and concise way, giving me exactly what I needed to excel on the test.” –Benjamin, Class of 2018

“Mrs. Neely helped me a ton with actually understanding some difficult math concepts for the first time. She explained everything very concisely and in a way that made sense! I really appreciated her help.” – Lydia, Class of 2021

“The prep class really worked for me. The test taking tips were helpful. And holding me accountable each week to do the homework and practice tests were key. Jumping six points has really opened up more possibilities for college, thank you!” –Luke, Class of 2019

“Mrs. Neely and Mrs. McGuire’s ACT Prep Class is a fantastic tool for students looking to improve their ACT score. They give many helpful tips, lessons, and resources to help you rock the ACT. Take this class, you will not regret it!” -Matthew, Class of 2020

“After attending the ACT prep classes and individual tutoring sessions, I was able to significantly raise my composite score. The study guides and strategy tactics helped refresh my mind on topics that I had long overlooked. I would strongly recommend taking advantage of the classes and tutoring sessions because they gave me the confidence I needed on test day.” – Will, Class of 2014

“I tried raising my science score lots of different ways, but nothing was working. After Ms. Neely’s class, my Science score went up 5 points! The class helped me understand a better approach to the Science test. Her prep strategies and testing tips were especially helpful!” – Catherine, Class of 2019

“I just wanted to tell you thank you SO much for working with Kaitlyn on Reading and English! An 11 point increase is amazing! We appreciate all your help! Thank you again” –Kaitlyn’s Mom, Class of 2019

“Mrs. Neely is AMAZING!! I got my score up from a 26 to a 30 after taking her class and studying all of the notes she gave me!” -Anna, Class of 2020

“Practice makes perfect, and this class focused on practicing the necessary skills for the PSAT. Through the class, Ms. Schaunaman and Ms. Abboud exposed my weaknesses, strengthened those weaknesses, and helped develop my overall set of skills for the test. It was nice to freshen up on certain skills. Ms. Schaunaman and Ms. Abboud provided a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for learning; I appreciate their help, time, patience, and expectations of excellence. I highly recommend the class!” -Caitlyn, Class of 2011

“Taking the PSAT prep class helped me both brush up on skills I had learned in previous years and made me feel much more comfortable and confident going into the test because I was familiar with the format.”- Kelsey, Class of 2013

“The classes with Ms. Schaunaman and Ms. Abboud reviewed every important concept in Math and Language from previous classes and made me confident in my knowledge going into the test. I was so nervous for the PSAT, but these review classes were extremely helpful and fun, and definitely worth my time!” -Katie, Class of 2013

“I took this class my senior year in order to try and raise my score a bit. It turned out this class helped me raise my science score by eight points! I would definitely recommend this class to prospective students. This class does a great job of reviewing key concepts for each part of the test.” -Annamaria, Class of 2014

“This class greatly helped to improve my testing skills. I believe that had it not been for the help of Ms. Schaunaman and Mrs. Abboud I would not have been able to make the score that I did.” -Joseph, Class of 2014

“The PSAT Prep class was very informative and helpful in providing me with notes and test-taking tips as well as specific content-related information. Ms. Abboud and Ms. Schaunaman were good at organizing information and helping connect their teaching experience to the PSAT class.” – Josh, Class of 2015

“My PSAT prep class not only prepared me for that particular test but gave me an advantage heading into other testing as well. Getting comfortable with the questions and learning little tips and tricks gave me the right tools to end up at my ideal college on a great scholarship.” -Emma, Class of 2013